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HessmerMom started this conversation

Hi everyone,

I decided to go ahead and join this site. I'm not sure if anyone gets help from sites like these, but it is nice to chat to others that understand what your going through. I'm 29 and married with 2 kids. My son will be 3 in July and my daughter will be 2 in December. We just moved into our own trailer when we got our income tax in Feb. We both had jobs and things were going well. I lost my job at walmart a few weeks later. Which sucked big time trying to pay everything with 1 income. At the same time it was a blessing because I love being able to stay home with my kids. They are my world. I just started working as a guide for which isn't bringing in alot. But it will pay half the rent and that takes stress off my husband. I think I'm here just seeking friends and every now and then an angel that reads my story and blesses me. I hope to bless others as well when god blesses me with a little extra to pass along. Some people think those that ask for handouts are just scammers but there are real people like me out here trying our hardest to provide for our loved ones. We try to stay silent and just say prayers. It hurts me to ask for anything,my mom got us a new tire for our car the other day and when we were alone gave me a pack of cigs and $30 and told me to stash it in case we needed gas or milk. It's little times like those that lift you up and make you say I can do this, we will survive. I always look up with blessings like that cause I know God is listening.

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